3 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Using Synthetic Grass

If you’re dreaming of sprucing up your home this year, you’re not the only one! In the last 12 months, Canadian homeowners have spent almost $5,000 more on indoor renovations than last year—and turf products continue to grow in popularity ever since they first gained traction over ten years ago. But how do you make optimal use of synthetic grass to give your home a makeover?

Read on to discover 3 creative ways to make your home look stunning using artificial grass products.

1. Create a Gorgeous Picnic Spot by Installing Artificial Grass Beneath a Pergola

Few things will make guests envy your home more than a beautiful artificial grass sitting area beneath a grand pergola!

All you’ve got to do is call a landscaping company that specializes in turf products to measure the area under the pergola. Once they’ve installed custom-fitted fake grass underneath, you’ll have an epic place to host some of the most memorable picnics ever.

2. Line Your Poolside Area with Fake Grass to Create a Private Sunbathing Spot

Struggling to think of ways to revamp the area around your pool? Why not install artificial grass to create a dedicated poolside sunbathing spot?

We recommend asking the landscaping company to use turf products with long blades because they’re more likely to curl when you pop a towel down on top. In other words, long blades will yield a softer surface compared to short blades that might cut through your towel and cause discomfort.

3. Make Your Home Gym Stand Out by Installing an AstroTurf Layer on the Floor

Did you know that exercise equipment sales in Canada went up by 42.5% at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? While the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, many Canadians continue to gym at home. If that sounds like you, why not give your home gym a striking makeover by popping a layer of AstroTurf underneath?

The thicker the artificial grass, the more protection it’ll provide your home gym floor if you ever drop heavy weights on it. Moreover, synthetic grass will give your home gym a natural look that you can elevate further by popping in a wooden bench or using warm lights. The possibilities are endless—and it all starts by popping a layer of fake grass on the floor!

Turrific Turf Provides an Array of Artificial Grass Products to Help Essex Residents Boost The Aesthetic Appeal of Their Homes

A fake grass pitch

If you’re ready to transform your home using gorgeous, high-quality turf products, our team at Turrific Turf can help you!

We’ve helped countless residents across Essex elevate the look of their homes’ interior and exterior spaces using artificial grass. We offer free estimates on all fake grass installations and also provide numerous types of curbing in assorted colours.

Check out the projects we’ve completed so far and drop us a message to consult our experts on how to maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal using synthetic grass!