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Why Consider Buying Artificial Grass Products or Fake Grass Installation Services in Essex?

First things first, artificial grass products are incredibly durable. They don’t dry out, nor do they get waterlogged. AstroTurf itself can withstand years’ worth of wear and tear (no wonder Turrific Turf provides a 16 years warranty for all their turf products).It’s great for installation in both large and small spaces as it blows new life into the formerly known unusable space. Artificial grass isn’tsusceptible to drought or flood either; it just sits pretty, looking vibrant as ever all year round.

Unlike real grass, synthetic grass does not need to be fertilized, watered, or mowed using dangerous lawnmowers. In addition, it doesn’t fall victim to changes in the climatic conditions around the year or pest infestations. The reduction in usage of fertilizers and pesticides upon shifting to artificialgrass also guarantees a reduction in ground pollution.Not to forget, synthetic grass is free from allergens, making it just about right for hay fever sufferers.

All you need to do to maintain the fake grass following an artificial grass installation is to remove the buildup of dirt and debris using a brush, rake, or a leaf blower. In case your pet decides to take a leak on the brand-new artificial turf installation, hose it down with a brush and a tad bit of detergent. This is the only kind of grass that you can get to survive in the shaded areas, as real grass suffers a miserable demise when it’s deprived of sunlight for photosynthesis.

Understanding the Flow of Landscape Design in Essex

Do you have a backyard design in mind? At Turrific Turf, our landscape design experts work with you to help you understand the essential elements of a landscape design. We walk you through balance, contrast, emphasis, hierarchy, pattern, proportion,repetition, rhythm, white space, variety, and white spaceto better utilize your designated space in the Essex region. Following these principles not only create a visually appealing space but also incorporates greater functionality into the space.

Shop your heart out over Turf products at Turrific Turf in Essex or get exclusive artificial turf installation services by our very own landscaping company (i.e., Turrific Turf in Essex) by leaving us a message here.

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