4 Essential AstroTurf Maintenance Tips

Did you know that the global artificial grass market grew to $4.05 billion in 2021?

Over the years, AstroTurf has grown in popularity among owners thanks to advantages such as low maintenance. Who wouldn’t wish to do away with the laborious chores of watering and mowing the lawn?

However, homeowners must understand that maintenance is necessary to ensure that your AstroTurf lasts through blizzards, scorching days, and other elements.

We’ve gathered a few AstroTurf maintenance tips from the artificial turf installation Windsor experts to help you keep your AstroTurf in pristine condition.

4 AstroTurf Maintenance Tips

1. Invest In a Turf Brush

If you’ve ever noticed experts laying down artificial turf, you must have noticed that they use a sand infill to weigh down the AstroTurf so it doesn’t budge due to natural elements or high foot traffic.

Over time, foot traffic and other elements can flatten your grass and give it an unappealing look. This is where a turf brush comes in handy. Turf brushes are a great way to maintain the structure of your artificial grass. Brushing your artificial grass every few weeks will allow you to notice a visible difference in its appearance and help avoid it from flattening out.

Important note! Allow the AstroTurf to settle for at least 8-12 weeks after installation before brushing it.

Maple Leaves on Artificial Grass

1. Remove Any Leaves and Debris

Regular cleaning is critical to maintaining your Astroturf since even a week of no cleaning can make your Astroturf look old and unappealing. The best and most convenient way is to use a leaf blower to remove any unwanted debris from your Astroturf.

2. Stains Are Your Astroturf’s Worst Enemy

Since artificial grass comprises synthetic fibers, it is susceptible to catching stains. Stains are notoriously known for their ability to get even more challenging to remove as they age. Therefore, save yourself effort and time by regularly looking for stains from pet waste, food spills, or any other factor and cleaning them with a mild hot water solution.

3. Remove Pet Waste

Pet waste can leave unappealing stains and bad odor on your Astroturf and make your garden unhygienic. The garden is a common spot for kids to play; therefore, keeping it free of unwanted germs is essential.

Keeping pet waste bags and gloves in your garden can allow you to remove the pet waste before it dries and leaves an unappealing stain. Next, wash the Astroturf with a hose or clean the area with a disinfectant spray and a wet cloth.

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