4 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Artificial Turf

Installing artificial grass can help you improve your home’s visual appeal and encourage you to spend more time outside on your lawn, which can benefit your health and well-being.

However, before you install artificial turf, you should be aware of some artificial turf care tips and mistakes to avoid to ensure your fake grass lasts up to 15 to 20 years or more. Keep reading to learn about the mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass.

4 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Artificial Turf

1. Choosing Low-Quality Artificial Turf

The quality of the Astroturf you install in your lawn determines how long it will survive and whether it will withstand factors such as excessive foot traffic or natural elements.

Choosing low-quality Astroturf is a big mistake that many homeowners make since the condition of the Astroturf begins to deteriorate within a few days of installation and may require replacements sooner than expected, costing homeowners more money than if they had chosen a high-quality Astroturf material.

Therefore, before installing an Astroturf, you should always inquire about its quality and durability to guarantee it lasts a long time and can endure elements of nature without suffering significant damage.

2. Not Paying Enough Attention to Drainage

According to the experts at Astroturf Installation in Essex, drainage is one of the most critical factors homeowners must pay attention to when installing an AstroTurf. You must always choose a well-draining Astroturf since an Astroturf material with poor drainage can get damaged quickly and may not last a long time, especially if you live somewhere with a lot of rain.

Top View of Synthetic Grass

3. Installing Astroturf on an Uneven Surface

Installing fake grass on an uneven surface is another mistake many homeowners make. This will impact the overall look of the completed AstroTurf installation and result in an uneven surface that will make walking uncomfortable.

Therefore, removing any small stones or flattening out any uneven surfaces in the ground before laying down the Astroturf will help you ensure a clean-looking lawn that will be comfortable to sit and walk on.

4. Not Securing the Edges

Another major mistake homeowners make when laying down Astroturf is not securing it on the edges. This can be dangerous, increase the risk of tripping on the Astroturf, and result in an unclean look.

Therefore, securing the Astroturf at the edges during installations will help ensure it stays in place and doesn’t budge even after strong winds. Doing so will also help ensure that no pebbles or debris end up beneath the Astroturf, resulting in an uneven surface.

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