Benefits of Artificial Turf for Rooftop Applications

As the popularity of artificial grass products in Windsor increases, people are finding more and more uses for their preferred landscaping solution. One of the most popular ways to use turf, besides conventional landscaping, is to create a rooftop deck.

Today, one of the biggest landscaping trends, especially in densely packed urban areas, is to install artificial grass on balconies, terraces, and rooftops. By taking advantage of turf’s lightweight properties and maintenance requirements, homeowners can use every inch of outdoor space and come up with relaxing guest spaces with supreme views.

Read as we highlight some benefits of artificial turf for rooftop applications:

Green makes your rooftop feel like a garden

The green color adds to any natural theme that your garden may already have. When you have containers and pots filled with plants, add artificial grass to make the space feel more natural.

However, unlike real grass, artificial turf it won’t attract bugs or insects.

Easy to keep clean

Keeping artificial grass clean is quite easy. Remember, there are numerous varieties. So, pick the variety that suits you best. If, however, you don’t have enough time to keep outside spaces clean, go for an artificial turf that has shorter grass.


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All that’s needed to keep artificial grass clean is to hose it down with water once in a while or brush it with a garden brush.

You can also use mild detergents to keep your artificial grass looking good.

Offers insulation for the home

We’re all being persuaded to look for new ways to reduce our home heating bills. Do you know that artificial turf on your rooftop can help you achieve just that?

Artificial grass offers an insulating effect. As you might already know, heat rises in a building. So, a layer of artificial grass will offer more insulation and reduce the amount of heat that escapes.

In warmer temperatures, artificial grass will keep your home cooler.

A safe place to play

In recent years, artificial grass has come a long way. Compared to previous years, the texture of artificial grass has become much more natural.

Softer forms of artificial grass offer a good place for your kids to play. Children living in terrace homes or apartments need some outside space. With artificial turf, you can create a soft, safe environment for even the most active of toddlers.

Pets love artificial turf too. Your dog will love to sunbathe on your brand new rooftop lawn.

Compared to stone and wood surfaces, you’re less likely to slip or fall over — thanks to artificial grass!

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