Choosing Wisely: A Guide to Buying Different Types of Artificial Grass

Selecting the right artificial grass for your lawn involves more than just considering the aesthetic appeal; it requires an understanding of the different types available and their suitability for your specific needs.

Let’s explore the various types of artificial grass and factors that can guide you in making an informed decision for your artificial grass installation.

1. Blade Types

Artificial grass comes with different blade shapes, each offering a unique look and feel. Turrific Turf, a reputable landscaping company in Essex, provides options ranging from flat blades to more realistic, multi-dimensional ones. Understanding the characteristics of each type ensures you choose the one that complements your desired aesthetic.

2. Pile Height

Pile height refers to the length of the artificial grass blades. Turrific Turf’s range of turf products in Windsor and Essex includes options with varying pile heights to suit different preferences. Shorter piles are ideal for high-traffic areas, while longer piles offer a plush and luxurious appearance.

3. Infill Materials

Infill provides stability, support, and durability to the artificial grass. It also contributes to the grass’s resilience and bounce-back ability. Turrific Turf offers infill options such as silica sand and rubber crumb, ensuring that your artificial grass remains lush and durable under various conditions.

Close-up of AstroTurf

4. Face Weight

Face weight refers to the amount of material used per square yard of artificial grass. It is a key factor in determining the density and durability of the grass. Turrific Turf’s products are designed with optimal face weights, ensuring a balance between a natural look and robust performance.

5. Backing Material

The backing material plays a crucial role in the stability and longevity of artificial grass. Turrific Turf utilizes high-quality backing materials that are permeable and durable. This ensures proper drainage, preventing water accumulation and maintaining the integrity of the artificial grass.

6. UV Protection

To withstand the elements, artificial grass should have UV protection. Turrific Turf’s products are engineered with UV-resistant materials, ensuring that your lawn maintains its vibrant color and structural integrity even under prolonged sun exposure.

Make a wise choice for your artificial grass installation with Turrific Turf. As a leading landscaping company in Windsor and Essex, we offer a range of artificial grass products designed to meet your specific needs.

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