Four Types of Artificial Grass You Should Consider for Your Backyard

Whether you live in a region where the summer sun is scorching or the winter season comes with heavy snowfall, or you do not have the desire or drive to look after your grass every day, there can be no better investment than Turrific Turf’s artificial grass.

Not only does their artificial grass come with years of warranty, but you can also choose from an excellent selection of four different types of artificial grasses according to your requirements, preferences and budget.

Keep reading to learn about Turrific Turf’s four types of artificial grass for your backyard.

Turrific Turf’s Four Types of Artificial Grass You Should Consider for Your Backyard

Turrific Turf’s Top Four Types of Artificial Grass You Should Consider for Your Backyard

1. Comfort Pro four2

If you have a limited budget and are looking to invest in a mid-range synthetic turf with great quality and looks very nice, Turrific Turf’s Comfort Pro four2 artificial grass will be excellent for you.

The Comfort Pro four2 has a latex backing, is made from polyethylene fibers, and has a stunning bamboo and pine-green coloring, which can give any landscape a natural-looking and refreshing makeover.

Moreover, this C6 yarn quality grass is known for being durable and has an impressive four-year warranty.

2. Advantage Pro 69

If your landscape’s appearance matters a lot to you, and you want the artificial grass to be as natural-looking as possible, investing in Turrific Turf’s Advantage Pro 69 will be a perfect idea.

With grass blades that are dyed in a range of different shades of green, the Advantage Pro 69 comes with a four-year warranty and has an incredibly durable structure that allows it to withstand direct sunlight, heavy rains, and extended periods of snowfall.

3. Elite Pro 84

Families that have children and pets should not invest in just any other synthetic turf. Instead, they need a quality that allows their children and pets to play around without getting worn out or damaged.

If you have such a family and are looking for a modern and dependable addition to your house, there can be no artificial turf better than the Elite Pro 84.

This turf is extremely sturdy, has a highly reliable polyurethane backing, and comes with a whopping sixteen-year warranty!

4. Luxurious Pro 100

If you have a big budget and you do not want to compromise on quality, then you need to invest in Turrific Turf’s finest artificial grass variety, the Luxurious Pro 100.

With a gorgeous mix of field-green and lime-green polyethylene blades, this turf comes with a sixteen-year warranty, and is the most realistic looking man made turf you will find for your backyard.

Final Thoughts –Invest in Artificial Grass Installation Windsor Now!

Before you invest in a large patch of artificial grass, make sure you know which quality or type will best suit your backyard’s requirements and your personal budget.

To explore Turrific Turf’s impressive variety of excellent artificial grasses, visit their official website now!