How Can I Pet-Proof My Lawn?

Having a four-legged friend comes with several responsibilities — one of which is pet-proofing your lawn. If this is your first time bringing a pet dog or cat home, nothing you do may be enough to deter them from digging up your lawn or attempting to jump the fence.

So you want to be prepared ahead of time to ensure your furry friend’s safety and health and keep your lawn in good condition. Here is how you can create a pet-proof lawn.

Tips for Creating a Pet-Proof Lawn

Install a Fence

Most homes in cities have fences installed to keep unwanted guests away. However, your home may not have a fence if you live in a small town or village. So the first thing you need do is install a fence around your entire property to prevent your pet from escaping and getting lost. Furthermore, a fence will help keep other cats or dogs off your lawn and away from your pet.

A few factors to keep in mind when installing a fence are the size of your pet and how tall your pet can jump. You want to choose a tall fence to keep your pet inside the lawn and high enough that your pet cannot jump out of it.

White and Red Wooden House with a Fence

Inspect the Fence for Gaps, Damage, and Sharp Edges

We also have a task for people who already have fences. If you already have a fence installed on your lawn, you want to carefully inspect the fence for sharp edges, damage, or gaps.

Carrying out regular fence maintenance work, replacing any damaged areas, and filling out any gaps will allow you to ensure your pet doesn’t escape through the fence. Moreover, sanding down any sharp edges in the fence will also help you ensure your pet doesn’t end up hurting themselves while playing around on the lawn.

Remove Toxic Plants

New pet owners may not be aware of this; however, some plants and flowers may harm your pets and cause them a trip to the vet. So you want to be safe than sorry and remove flowers like daffodils, oleanders, or amaryllis since these can be toxic for your pet dog. Rather, you want to plant pet-friendly plants that are safe for cats, dogs, and other animals you might have.

Switch Out the Real Grass for the Fake Grass

Pets have a love-and-hate relationship with grass and may try to dig up or eat the grass in your lawn at any chance. The best way to avoid this is to invest in high-quality fake grass from a reliable landscaping company in Windsor.

Your pets won’t be able to dig up the fake grass, and you also won’t have to worry about the high maintenance work that goes into keeping real grass alive. We recommend checking out Turrific Turf for fake grass installation in Windsor. We have years of experience installing AstroTurf, allowing us to be experts at our job. Get in touch now!