Key Reasons AstroTurf Installation is a Worthwhile Investment

Did you know BC Stadium’s owners recently decided to spruce up the nationally famous venue by installing synthetic grass? If artificial grass products like AstroTurf are good enough to upgrade professional sports venues, imagine how much they’ll benefit your home!

Experts believe the global artificial grass industry will soon be worth over $6.7 billion due to factors like an increase in the demand for AstroTurf installation. But why are so many people opting for artificial turf installation?

Here are three major reasons why it’s worth installing turf products like AstroTurf at your home.

1. AstroTurf Reduces Water Usage

If you compare your recent water bills with those from a few years ago, you’ll notice they’ve increased. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain natural grass landscapes without breaking the bank due to the rising cost of water in Ontario. The solution? Switch to AstroTurf.

AstroTurf doesn’t need to be watered because it’s synthetic. You can also clean it using a leaf blower or pick up each piece and dust it off. In other words, if you opt for AstroTurf landscape designs for your home, your monthly water usage will fall, saving you from paying rising water charges in Ontario.

2. AstroTurf Requires Minimal Maintenance

Time is money—so why spend hours maintaining natural grass when you can opt for hassle-free artificial grass products like AstroTurf?

All you’ve got to do to maintain AstroTurf is dust each piece once a week to eliminate debris. If the AstroTurf at your home gets particularly dirty, you can also hose it down using a fraction of the water required to water natural grass.

Once the AstroTurf is dry, simply spray the surface with a disinfectant and you’re set!

3. AstroTurf Allows for Unique Landscaping Designs

Imagine being able to cut squares of grass to the exact shapes needed for a gorgeous landscape design. Now imagine doing this and being able to select precisely how long each blade will be and what it’ll look like. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!

AstroTurf can easily be sculpted into all kinds of shapes depending on the landscape design you want at your home. Unfortunately, DIYing AstroTurf sculpting is a recipe for disaster—so we recommend reaching out to a landscaping company that specializes in AstroTurf. Once you’ve shared your desired design, they’ll do the rest!

Our Landscaping Company in Essex Specializes in Artificial Turf Installation

Synthetic grass next to a swimming pool

If you’re keen to invest in AstroTurf in Windsor, we’re ready to help you atTurrific Turf! Our artificial grass products come in a variety of colours and are covered by warranties lasting up to 16 years. We also offer free estimateson every artificial turf installation and install curbingfor homeowners that want to take their landscape designs up a notch.

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