Patio Furniture Ideas: 4 Designs for Stylish Outdoor Living

Refresh your outdoor space instantly with furniture ideas that force you to leave the indoors and spend the summer months enjoying in your backyard. From chic sofas with plenty of style and pops of colour to tables that welcome the entire family, there are various ways to give your outdoor living space the upgrade it deserves.

Here, our landscaping company in Windsor provides 4 patio furniture ideas for stylish outdoor living!

1. Create a snug with a sunken banquette

Kick back in style with a built-in, space-efficient, and smart sunken banquette. A good small garden idea as a banquette can be made part of a retaining wall. So, it will hug your garden’s boundaries.

While you could add your seating to just a single corner, why not wrap it all the way around, especially if you usually use your garden for entertaining and lounging? For some greenery and texture, feel free to add some plants above. You can also use a fire pit for cozy evenings or a coffee table with a rug to give the space an outdoor living room feel.

2. Use your outdoor furniture to add pops of colour

Don’t hesitate to go bold with the colours of your garden furniture, especially if your garden is minimal and architectural. For example, mint green and deep yellow can work perfectly in a small, simple backyard. The yellow brings a sunny Mediterranean feel, whilst the mint mirrors the colours of the planting that works well with the trees.

patio furniture

3. Blend your seating into the garden

Is it a sitting or sculpture? Well, a chair could definitely be both. If your garden isn’t too big, go for just a couple of stand-out chairs and breathe life into the space. This will also give you a comfy perch. Use this modern outdoor furniture idea and find colours and shapes that echo the colour of foliage or flowers in your garden.

4. Go for an all-in-one design

Blurring boundaries between foliage and fixtures is an incredible new garden trend and ideal for making the most of smaller outdoor spaces. Matching built-in seating with screening produces a lovely modern cohesive look that you can soften with climbers. You can also blend seating and garden even further by adding built-in plants.

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