Top 4 Landscaping Trends for Canadian Backyards in 2023

As the world of landscaping evolves, Canadian homeowners are eagerly embracing new trends to transform their backyards into stunning and functional outdoor living spaces. With a focus on sustainability, low maintenance, and innovative design, 2023 brings a wave of exciting landscaping trends set to enhance Canadian backyards’ beauty and functionality.

Two prominent trends that stand out are the increased use of artificial grass and the incorporation of curbing. Let’s explore these trends and discover other ways to elevate your outdoor oasis.

1.    Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been gaining popularity in recent years, and in 2023, it’s undoubtedly one of the top landscaping trends for Canadian backyards. Artificial grass is a game-changer for homeowners seeking a lush and green lawn all year round with its realistic appearance, soft texture, and minimal upkeep.

In Canada, where weather conditions can be unpredictable, natural grass often struggles to thrive. Artificial grass, however, remains vibrant and resilient through all seasons. Homeowners can bid farewell to constant mowing, watering, and fertilizing, as artificial grass requires minimal maintenance.

2.    Curbing

Curbing, or landscape edging, is another emerging trend revolutionizing Canadian backyards in 2023. By incorporating curbing, homeowners can add definition to their outdoor spaces, creating clear boundaries between different landscaping elements.

With curbing, you can separate your artificial grass area from flower beds, walkways, or hardscapes. This delineation adds visual appeal and enhances functionality by preventing mulch or gravel from encroaching on your lawn. Curbing also facilitates easier lawn maintenance, as it keeps grass and plants contained and reduces their chances of growing into unwanted areas.

3.    Sustainable Landscaping

In 2023, Canadians are increasingly prioritizing sustainable landscaping practices to create environmentally friendly backyards. Water conservation is also at the forefront of sustainable landscaping trends. Homeowners are opting for drought-resistant plants and xeriscaping techniques to minimize water usage.

Combined with artificial grass, which doesn’t require irrigation, Canadian homeowners can significantly reduce their water consumption while maintaining a lush and green outdoor space.

plants, trees, and shrubs with curbing in a backyard

4.    Outdoor Living Spaces

Canadian homeowners are embracing the idea of transforming their backyards into seamless extensions of their indoor living spaces. This trend involves creating comfortable and stylish outdoor lounges, dining areas, and cooking spaces. Adding features like pergolas, gazebos, or patio covers allows homeowners to enjoy their backyard oasis even during inclement weather.

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