Top 6 Benefits of Artificial Turf

Have you ever wanted your neighbour’s perfectly maintained green lawn without working outside too much? Your solution lies in getting artificial turf. Many homeowners across Canada have artificial turf installed on their lawns. It’s also great for pet owners.

Additionally, a flawless and natural lawn can take forever to be perfected and requires a lot of maintenance. When choosing the artificial turf route, you’re choosing a perfect lawn without much maintenance. This also improves your curb appeal.

Here are some other benefits of artificial turf.

No Maintenance

As we mentioned, artificial turf requires no maintenance. This is the most overstated fact, but it’s the key benefit of installing the artificial turf. It requires minimal maintenance, if any, and any time you spend taking care of your lawn can be spent elsewhere once you get artificial turf.

Eliminates Puddling

Before the artificial turf is installed, the ground underneath is smoothened and rolled to eliminate any valleys or grooves where water accumulates. If you hire a professional landscaping company, they will also add little irrigation channels in the ground so excess water can easily be drained and water pooling is prevented.

No Chance of Grass Stains

Your children can roll around and play on the grass for as long as they want without getting any mud or grass stains on their clothes or shoes. No matter how softly they play, unsightly grass can usually leave undesired stains like brown streaks or long green marks that are hard to get rid of. With artificial turf, this can be prevented.

A field in Essex with artificial turf

No Ruts or Bare Spots

With natural grass, there are chances of ruts and bare spots occurring due to heavy foot traffic. Artificial turf prevents this as it’s durable and extremely resilient. Artificial turf can resist foot pressure as someone walks on it. The turf’s blades can easily bounce back and remain uptight if the filer is always in place.

Safe for Pets and Children

Whether you have pets or children, artificial turf is great as it has anti-bacterial properties, so no germs or bacteria will spread. Your children or pets can play around and have fun on the artificial turf lawn without coming in contact with or being exposed to bacteria, toxic chemicals, and harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

No Harsh Fertilizers Needed

Your artificial turf lawn wouldn’t require any fertilizers. Because it doesn’t have to spread or grow, it remains vibrant and beautiful without needing any harsh fertilizers that can harm the environment and pollute the rivers or streams.

Hire a Landscaping Company

Now that you know the benefits of artificial turf, you can hire our services at Turrific Turf. We’re a Landscaping Company in Windsor and offer synthetic grass installation and artificial turf installation in Essex.

We can take care of all your landscaping needs and offer you lawn care because of our extensive experience. We also provide turf products. Reach out to us today to learn more.