What’s The Difference Between Artificial Turf and Astroturf?

Artificial Turf and Astroturf both refer to synthetic grass surfaces that are for many practical applications. Despite their primary similarity, both surfaces differ in many aspects.

Many people do not know the differences between the two surfaces and still use the term astroturf and artificial turf interchangeably. This article outlines the major differences between the two surfaces.

Major Differences Between Artificial Turf and Astroturf

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Anyone who has the know-how of landscaping knows that there are plenty of differences between artificial turf and astroturf. Here are the major distinguishing features of both surfaces:

1. Origin and Terminology

Artificial turf is a general term for any synthetic grass surface used in landscaping or sports applications. It is made from various synthetic materials woven into a backing material. The turf is designed to mimic the appearance and feel of natural grass.

On the other hand, astroturf is a specific brand of artificial turf that gained popularity in the 1960s. Originally developed by the company Chemstrand as a playing surface for sports, it quickly became a household name. Over time, “Astroturf” has become synonymous with any artificial turf, although it technically refers to a specific brand.

2. Application

Artificial turf is widely used in various applications in landscape design, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, sports fields, playgrounds, and even indoor spaces. It offers a durable and low-maintenance solution that remains green throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. The versatility of artificial turf makes it suitable for different climates and purposes.

Astroturf is used primarily for sports fields and was originally developed solely for sports applications. Due to its firm and fast surface, it is best used for football and soccer fields. However, the term “Astroturf” is now commonly used to refer to any type of artificial turf, regardless of its intended application.

3. Appearance

Modern artificial turf is designed to closely resemble natural grass in terms of color, texture, and performance. It typically consists of synthetic fibers attached to a backing material. The fibers are usually layered in different lengths and densities to achieve a realistic appearance.

Astroturf, as the original brand of artificial turf, had a distinct composition and structure. It featured short and stiff nylon fibers, giving it a carpet-like appearance. The original astroturf had a thin layer of rubber or foam cushioning underneath to provide some shock absorption.

Final Thoughts

Despite common usage, both artificial turf and astroturf are vastly different, especially since astroturf refers to the original brand of astroturf.

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