Why is AstroTurf the Future of Landscaping?

The fast-paced world we currently live in boasts that 55.8% of the average population is employed. This means that people with different jobs and responsibilities might not have the time to look after their backyards.

This is the primary reason the global AstroTurf market was sized at a whopping 3060.6 million USD in 2022, and this market value is only expected to double in the coming years.

There is absolutely no doubt that AstroTurf is indeed the future of landscaping, and the numbers just prove it. However, to get your money’s worth, you need the best AstroTurf installation Windsor company to work with you.

Keep reading to learn about Turrific Turf’s AstroTurf and what makes it desirable and practical enough to be called the future of landscaping.

What is AstroTurf?

AstroTurf is the popular name used for manmade, artificial grasses that can be used in various ways. Unlike natural grass, AstroTurf is manufactured entirely from synthetic materials such as polypropylene, latex, nylon, and polyethylene.

The exact combination of the different synthetic materials decides AstroTurf’s expected durability, quality, longevity, and market price.

People can get AstroTurf in different sizes to cover their front porches, backyards, sporting facilities, balconies, and small indoor gardens. However, you should only work with the top AstroTurf installation Windsor companies for this.

What Makes AstroTurf the Future of Landscaping?

What Are the Benefits of Using AstroTurf on Your Property?

● Less Maintenance Over Time

Real grass is refreshing, beautiful, and aromatic. However, if the grass is poorly maintained, it will lose its appeal and will look dull and grim.

While it is possible to maintain natural grass, the work that needs to be done is not everyone’s cup of tea. Real grass must be trimmed and watered regularly, disinfected frequently, and fertilized seasonally to keep it green, healthy, and thriving.

Since each of these tasks can be very time-consuming, people have generally started to choose AstroTurf over the real deal.

You don’t have to water or trim your synthetic turf and you don’t have to worry about your turf’s health or vibrant appearance ever again.

● More Affordable

Purchasing AstroTurf is a one-time investment that will be worth it for many years to come. In general, different varieties of AstroTurf come with a four-to-sixteen-year warranty, during which the grass remains green, realistic looking, and firm.

This means you don’t have to incur any ongoing costs regarding mowing and maintaining the grass. Instead, once you have installed the artificial turf, it will look the same for years to come.

● Highly Durability

If you have kids or pets that like to play outdoors, a backyard with real grass can take a hit. Kids can tear off huge patches of grass as they run, and you cannot stop your dog from digging around your property.

However, since AstroTurf is extremely durable and does not wear out easily, you no longer have to worry about taking care of the grass. Your kids and pets can run around as much as they like, and the synthetic turf will retain its firmness, beauty, and stability.

Final Thoughts – Install High-Quality AstroTurf Now!

As people become more invested in their careers, the average demand for AstroTurf keeps increasing. You can’t go wrong with it.

If you’re looking for an AstroTurf installation Windsor company to work with for your AstroTurf needs, get in touch with Turrific Turf for  high-quality AstroTurf