Why Use AstroTurf for Your Sports Facilities?

When designing a sports facility, business owners look for ways to make the overall landscape and structure durable, sturdy and firm, visually appealing, and relatively easier to maintain.

While traditional sporting grounds were usually covered by natural grass, they caused a lot of problems when it came to different athletic activities. For instance, if the grass is patchy or uneven, a football player might stumble and get injured during a game.

This is the exact reason sports facilities around the world are now moving to AstroTurf instead of real grass to cover their playing fields.

To learn about what AstroTurf is and why modern sports facilities use it, keep reading.

What is AstroTurf?

AstroTurf is a modern term used for synthetic or artificial grasses covering sporting facilities, school fields, residential backyards, and balconies.

Unlike real grass made of a muddy turf and natural grass blades, AstroTurf is made either completely or partially from nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene fibers, and has a latex backing to support the structure.

Moreover, AstroTurf can be purchased in different sizes, thicknesses, and prices, and can be reshaped to fit different putting greens or sports facilities.

What Are the Top Benefits of Using AstroTurf for Your Sports Facilities?

What Are the Top Benefits of Using AstroTurf for a Football Field?

● Very Little Maintenance

Real grass has a calming and highly refreshing aura; however, maintaining that aura and appeal comes at a high cost.

In general, sporting facilities that are covered in real grass have significantly higher maintenance costs than those covered in AstroTurf. Since the grass needs to be trimmed, watered, and repaired regularly to maintain functionality and beauty of a sporting ground, the costs of doing so can be extremely overwhelming.

On the other hand, AstroTurf fields do not have to be trimmed or watered, and you do not have to worry about maintaining its green and vivid appeal.

● Highly Durable and Long Lasting

Running on grass with spiky football shoes or hitting the grass with a golf stick ruins the grass and digs it up. Every time a patch of grass comes off during a game, the facility must replace it to restore the field’s stability and function.

On the contrary, AstroTurf comes with years of warranty, and is significantly more durable than natural grass. Hence, athletes have more freedom to run around as the ground offers a more stable and improved performance.

● Can be Resized Easily

Finally, while natural grass takes time to grow into a new sporting field or area, AstroTurf does not have such limitations.

Instead, you can easily purchase the new AstroTurf, resize it to match your exact field, and install it within a day.

Final Thoughts –Install High Quality AstroTurf Now!

Investing in AstroTurf can help reduce the running and maintenance costs of a sports facility, along with adding to its sporty appeal and visual appearance.

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