Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass for Your Yard

A home’s exterior and interior are incomplete without greenery and proper landscaping. Whether it’s the front yard, backyard, or patio, patches of well-kept grass can go a long way into making the space brighter, livelier, and more beautiful. This is why many people are now going for artificial grass to elevate the house’s appeal.

Artificial grass is emerging as an excellent alternative to natural grass and comes with its own benefits that make it the best choice for most homeowners. Are you on the fence about getting artificial grass for your yard? Here are all the reasons why you should go for it.


Artificial grass is the answer to your problem if you’re tired of mowing and watering your lawn every week on top of all your chores. Once installed, artificial grass only requires regular cleaning to look beautiful and lush green.


If you have kids and pets that enjoy playing in the yard, you should consider getting artificial grass. It is made from durable material, which makes it perfect for families. You no longer have to worry about brown patches on the grass or fear that your pet will dig through it. The artificial grass can easily last for years and stand strong with minimal maintenance.

Saves Water

Every year, you use hundreds of gallons of water on your grass just to make it look green and well-kept. You can easily save this water by choosing artificial grass instead of natural grass. This will also reduce your water bill and help you save money every year while being eco-friendly.

A fake grass pitch

Better for the Environment

It’s famously said that an environment-friendly house is one that doesn’t have grass. This is because you not only use a lot of water to maintain the grass but also use toxic pesticides on it. In addition, you also use fuel-powered mowers that release toxins into the air. Choosing artificial grass is an environmentally-conscious choice, and can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Insect Free

Natural grass attracts insects and pests that may make it difficult for you to use your yard. Artificial grass can increase the functionality and usage of your yard as you can sit there without worrying about getting bitten by these vicious creatures.

Get Quality Artificial Grass at Turrific Turf

Needless to say, artificial grass is the way to go when it comes to breathing life into your yard. If you’re looking for quality artificial grass in Windsor, Essex, Kingsville, Tilbury, Lakeshore, LaSalle, Chatham, or nearby areas, Turrific Turf has got you covered!

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