Artificial Lawn: The 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Artificial grass is very low-maintenance when it’s cared for correctly. However, like with anything, there are few common mistakes to avoid that may be cause harm to your artificial turf. If you want to ensure that you’re keeping your lawn as beautiful and clean as possible, getting the most out of your investment, and extending the life of your turf, avoid these 3 common mistakes:

1. Exposure to chemicals

Our artificial turf installation expert in Windsor recommends people be very careful around synthetic turf with chemicals. This is because the damage can be so severe that the only option you’ll have will be to replace the whole synthetic lawn altogether.

Pesticides as well as other chemicals will react with your artificialgrass, and you’ll start seeing patches that have changed color from the reaction. You should also keep vehicle fluid and gasoline away from your turf.

Lay a protective warp on your grass if you’ll be using chemicals near your turf. For instance, do this when there’s a painting jobgoing on near your artificial grass. If there’s an accidental spill, remove the spills instantly using a mild cleaning solution.

2. Not minding sharp items

Keep sharp objects away from your artificial grass because they’ll tear into it.

Such damage is caused by sharp-edged garden tools. To avoid this, don’t bring them near your artificial turf. If you must keep them on your artificial grass, set them down gently and ensure the sharp-edged sides are facing upward (if possible).

Another culprit is sharp furniture. When you try to move or shift these pieces of furniture, the risks become even greater. If your patio furniture has sharp feet, put it elsewhere. You may also cover these feet with plastic or fabric to avoid damage.

3. Keeping heat sources too close

Synthetic turf is made from polyethylene and polypropylene and may melt when exposed to a lot of heat. This usually happens when the temperatures to which the turf is exposed are above the melting point of the polymer used to manufacture the artificial turf.

Keep your barbecue grills and fire pits away from the turf. Stray embers may burn into your turf. Don’t smoke around areas that are covered with artificial grass. For example, you may unintentionally throw away your cigarette butt on the ground or something may fall off the lit cigarette onto your artificial turf.

Your turf may also suffer damage through indirect heat sources. For example, heat from a reflective surface like polished gutters, mirrors, windows, and any other reflective panels around your property can damage your artificial grass. So, cover these reflective surfaces and objects until the sunlight dissipates.

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