Pet-Proofing Backyard in Four Steps

Pets are wholesome companions that offer love and emotional support. However, if you love a bit of gardening and keeping your lawn clean and pristine, your pets are probably not going to cooperate with you.

In general, domestic animals, especially cats and dogs, have the instinct to dig up the ground. They do this to hide a bone, to use the ground as a toilet, or simply out of curiosity.

While it might be cute at first sight, it will leave your backyard patchy, partially destroyed, and not as pleasing to look at.

This is where an artificial grass installation Windsor company can help you out. Keep reading to learn about four steps you can follow to pet-proof your backyard.

Four Steps to Pet-Proof Your Backyard

What Are the Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Backyard?

Install Artificial Grass

Despite the undeniable appeal of natural grass, the global demand for artificial grass is on the rise. This is especially common among homeowners who have pets.

If your dog or cat keeps attacking the natural grass growing in your backyard, the best solution is to replace the grass with Turrific Turf’s artificial grass.

Artificial grass is made from super strong synthetic compounds such as polyethylene, latex, nylon, etc., which makes the structure highly resilient and durable. Hence, dogs or cats cannot dig through and destroy artificial grass.

Moreover, even if your pet uses your synthetic grass as a toilet, it’s an easily cleanable mess. However, you still need high-quality grass, and you can only find it with the best artificial grass installation Windsor companies.

Install Tall Fences Around Your Flower Pots

If you have small flowers, succulents, or other potted outdoor plants in your backyard, one of the best ways to protect them from your pets is to install fences around them.

You can choose fences that match the overall aesthetics of your house to maintain and further enhance the visual appeal of your backyard.

Spray Pet Repellent on the Grass

Another excellent tip for keeping your pets from approaching and destroying your backyard is to spray pet repellent. For instance, if your cat keeps digging the grass, spraying the grass with a lavender oil solution will keep your own and all other cats away.

These repellents do not impact your pet’s health but simply discourage them from approaching the surface.

Train Your Pets to Avoid the Grass

Finally, discourage your pets from carrying out this destructive behavior. A combination of treats and some stern training works wonders here.

Final Thoughts – Pet-Proof Your Backyards Now!

If you want to stop your pets from digging up your backyard and ruining the lawn, work with Turrific Turf, one of the best artificial grass installation Windsor companies, to install artificial grass on your lawn.

To invest in the highest-quality artificial grass, contact Turrific Turf now!